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СѧӢģʮ(I Am Ten Years Old)

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In a blink of an eye, I am already ten years old.

When I was in China, I only went to kindergarten and I did not go to elementary school. In the three years in Canada, not only have I learned English, but also I have learned how to speak Mandarin, because when I was in China, I could only speak Cantonese.

Right now, I am already a fifth grade student and I need to work hard to become a good student. I need to learn English, Chinese and French well; learn about science and computers well.I really like computers. Through computer I have learned a lot of things. I know how to send e-mail to my father who works in China. When I grow up, I want to become a technician, just like Bill Gates.

I am ten years old. I think I have improved a lot, for example, I know how to swim and play the piano, and I also know how to ride a bicycle.

I want to let my mother and father relax, and I will be a good child and a good student.